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Syllabus for M.Phil./ Ph.D. Programme in Statistics

Session: 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

As per ordinance of the University of Chittagong the requirements for the degree of M.Phil/Ph.D are (a) course work of 200 marks, (b) two seminar presentation (Decision of the Academic committee of the department of Statistics) (c) submission of a thesis on an approved topic and (d) an oral examination


Courses offered in First year  M. Phil/Ph.DProgramme in Statistics




Advanced Theory of Statistics 



Statistical Inference



Design of Experiments.



Applied Econometrics.









Advanced Sampling Techniques

Stat -608


Design of Experiments

Stat -609   


Regression Diagnostics


A student is required to take in the first year Paper Stat - 601 or Paper Stat - 602, and any one course from the remaining courses subject to the recommendation of the supervisor(s) and approval of the Academic Committee of the Department. Total marks for each course is 100. He/she will also have to take a Viva-Voce examination of 100 marks at the end of the first year. Pass marks in each of the course and in Viva-voce is 50% of the total marks allotted to each course. Course work for the Ph.D fellow will be done by tutorial system. Failure will lead to discontinuation of the M. Phil/Ph.D. programme by the candidate concerned.


If a student passes in all the courses and the Viva-voce examination by the end of the first year of his/her study, he/she will be required to write a thesis for the M. Phil/Ph.D., degree on a topic approved by the appropriate bodies. The thesis shall be submitted in quadruplicate in typed - form to the Controller of Examinations on or before the date prescribed by the appropriate authority. Each thesis for the M.Phil/ Ph.D degree shall be examined by a Board of Examiners consisting of the supervisor and two external members appointed by the Academic Council. Studies concerned. The Examiners must be unanimous in their recommendation for awarding the degree.


The M.Phil/Ph.D Degree in Statistics shall be awarded in accordance with the Ordinance of the University of Chittagong.



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