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The graduate program consists of Masters (General), Masters (Thesis), M.Sc., Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.


  • A graduate program may also be offered by a discipline in some specified field in collaboration with other disciplines.
  • Any student with (i) 4 year Bachelors degree (ii) 3-year Bachelor and 1-year Masters Degree or (iii) 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree from a recognized university is eligible to get admitted into the graduate program at CU.
  • Notification for the admission process will be published every year.
  • After admission every student will be assigned to a student advisor/supervisor from the teacher of his/her discipline to guide him/her throughout the academic program.




Masters and M.Phil.


  • Any student with a Bachelors degree from CU is eligible for admission to the Masters (General) Program.
  • Any student with a CGPA of 3.25 or more from CUT is eligible for admission to the Masters (Thesis), M. Sc (Engineering) or M. Phil Program.
  • Four-year Graduates from other recognized universities and institutions can apply for admission to the Masters (Thesis), M. Sc (Engineering) or M. Phil Program.
  • Any student registered for Masters (General) or Masters (Thesis) may transfer to the M. Phil. program, offered by the relevant discipline, if he/she can maintain a CGPA of 3.25 or more during the first two semesters.
  • The GSC of a discipline will decide if a student from a related discipline will be allowed to apply to the graduate program of that discipline. In these cases if necessary the GSC may ask the candidate to take extra under-graduate/graduate courses to ensure the basic foundation.




  • Candidates with Masters (Thesis) or M. Phil Degrees are eligible for application for Ph.D. and will be selected after a written and/or viva voce examination and the proper evaluation of academic records by the GSC.
  • A Masters (Thesis) or a M. Phil student may be transferred to the Ph. D. program after the completion of first two semesters with a CGPA 3.25 and the recommendation of his/her supervisor  certifying satisfactory progress of research work and with the approval of the GSC and BAS.
  • The following candidates are eligible for direct admission to Ph. D. if they have a CGPA of 3.25 or more at Bachelors and Masters Level and 3.00 or equivalent in all public examinations (i) University teachers with two years teaching experience and one publication in standard academic journals. (ii) Teachers of colleges with three years of teaching experience and one publication in a standard academic journal (iii) Researchers of recognized research organizations with three years of research experience and at least three publications in standard academic journals.





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