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Welcome from the Chair:
Md. Imam Hossain, Professor and Chair I welcome you on behalf of all of us at Department of Statistics at Chittagong University.
Our Department has a long and proud tradition of excellence in teaching and mentoring students as well as international reputation for world-class research and training for over 45 years.

Department awards B.Sc. (Honours), M.S., M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees. The Department has faculties with a wide variety of expertise in fundamental and interdisciplinary research.

Our Bachelor of Science degree program is perhaps the most flexible and marketable undergraduate degree at. Our programs also focus on training its graduate for careers in academia, industry, government and non-government organizations.

The mission of the department is to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their ability to apply statistics in a wide range of fields of application. The vision of the Department is to produce, competent, efficient, professionally capable and above all committed post graduates in the field of statistics such as Sample survey, Biostatistics, Econometrics, Social sciences for research and expression.

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